Alexander Technique guides you to better thinking and moving through an increased self-awareness. It serves as a passage to using our body and mind in a balanced and responsible manner by studying human reaction, co-ordination and inhibition.


Lessons in Alexander Technique can thus result to more ease in daily activities, a clearer posture, or enhanced performance skills in an art or sport. One can also aim to heal pain, help recovery, deal with stress and anxiety or start a journey to ongoing self-discovery through this technique.


My own Alexander journey first started some 30 years ago out of philosophical interest. Since 2000 I have studied and taught Alexander Technique in Paris, Brussels and Helsinki. I have learnt that every human being possesses a great potential and can become more poised, calm and confident. This inspires me and allows me to meet each pupil with unique care and respect. Along my private teaching I am involved in training future Alexander Technique teachers in the Alexandertechniek Centrum in Brussels. I also have a master´s degree in speech communication and performance.